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Singing Bridge 

The Singing Bridge which connects the historic communities of Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest, NSW. The 304m pre-stressed re-enforced concrete Singing Bridge spans the stunning Myall River and is famous for both its haunting tunes when the northerly wind blows, as well as the perching pelicans. 

Construction 1974c supplied by C Patteson.jpg

The Singing Bridge Story

Quote from the Tea Gardens School Centenary Book 1977:
"Bridge Opening: A milestone for Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest was the opening of the Bridge over the Myall River on April 6, 1974. The Bridge has made a tremendous impact on local communications, and more is to come. A gateway has been established for a coast link from south to north of the shore. The National Park with its beauty is right on our doorstep and within easy access for visitors from Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, and the coal fields. What a contrast to the tedious days of the ferry first established by the pioneer Engel Family when their Steamer "Nepean" towed a punt during the 1920s." 
From Pioneers and History of the Myall River and Lakes by Janis Winn, 2014, p.12.

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