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Our History 

The HNTG Progress Assocation was formed in May 1953 by Mrs York and Mr Cole Snr (as the first President). At this point there were only 13 permanent residences in our twin villages and a few holiday shacks...a journey that continues.

This page is perpetually in development and please email any contributions. 

We acknowledge Janis Winn's contributions, as well as those from News of the Area and TROVE.

Chronology - more to follow...

Life Members

We acknowledge the community service of the following locals who served 15 years (ten continuously) and five years on Committee: 

  • 1971: R York

  • 1972: C Cole, E. Storey, H. Pascoe, L. Pascoe

  • 1974: E. Bacon, Jean McRae

  • 1975: R Thompson

  • 1976: G Richards, M Gam, E Bootland

  • 1977: S Barron, Jean Thirlwell, A Steed

  • 1991: Eric Rutherford, Nicki Rutherford

  • 2005: Gwen Adams, Caroline Stranger, Gwen Wiseman

  • 2013: Kevin Green, Pat Pritchard

  • 2022: Christian Patterson, Leigh Allen, Trevor Jennings

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