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Myall River Art Walk Group 

In 2003, the idea of the Myall River Art Walk took form. Locals, Lee Anderson, Shona Howarth, & others, obtained permission from the now MidCoast Council to create an art walk alongside the Myall River. The philosophy behind the art walk is to encourage & showcase local artists, and to celebrate the area's culture, history, heritage, community & stunning natural beauty. 


The art walk features around 40+ installations including murals, sculptures, poetry and gardens. The 2.8km walk links the coastal villages of Tea Gardens & Hawks Nest, creating an interpretative trail alongside the Myall River, over the Singing Bridge, to Hawks Nest beach.


The hardworking Myall River Art Walk Group volunteers led by Jeanette Hart (current President), with support from the HNTG Progress Assocation, MidCoast Council, Men’s Shed, Historical Society, the Lions Club of Tea Gardens, the Myall Art & Craft Centre, and the Worimi Aboriginal Reference Group, continue to ensure that this significant community venture continues to evolve with new works being added & others fading away...


Click on the below images and/or check out the map to learn more about the Art Walk which, like the Myall River, is always changing......

Update Map.png

Myall River Art Walk Map

The Myall River Art Walk is an easy, relaxed way to explore the coastal villages of Hawks Nest & Tea Gardens

Tea the Myall River

1. The Sea Eagle nest in the conifer (a long-time resident).

2. Police Station alongside the heritage-listed Court House.

3. Heritage-listed Morton Bay Fig trees.

4. Wharf naming plaques.

5. Four small historical anecdotes.

6. ‘Windows in Wood’ sculpture by Bronwyn Fife.

7. ‘Silent Witness’ sculpture by Lee Anderson.

8. Galleries in the Gardens (the 'GIG') - local art gallery.

9. Winning entry Micro Bat Flats Art Competition.

10. Prize winning bat flat by David Matheson atop Hotel.

11. ‘Tea Gardens Yesteryear’ & ‘Tea Gardens 2005’ by Gloria Bryson inside Hotel.

12. ‘Photographer Dog’ & ‘Pelican’ mural on Hotel walls.

13. ‘The Drogher’ boat model by Michael Pratt inside Hotel.

14. ‘Floating Shed’ by Ben Dawson plaque on wharf.

15. ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ house cnr Witt & Maxwell St.

16. ‘River Relic’ sculpture by Murray Brown.

17. ‘Talking Heads’ sculpture by Chez Rands.

18. The restored 90+ year old working Slipway (supported by Paul Bendy).

19. ‘Casa Batlow’ (ceramic bat flat) by Gail Morphett, up in the Lone Pine, ANZAC Park.

20. ‘ANZAC Mural’ wall by local children, ANZAC Park Wall.

21. ‘Vacancy - Kids are Gone’ bat flat by Di Ayers high up on the Fire Station wall.

22. ‘Voices of the Myall’ poem by Heather Prentice on the Library ramp.

23. ‘Pelicans’ by U3A’s art group in the Library foyer.

24. ‘Pioneer Poles’ by Margaret Germon near the playground by the Library.

25. ‘Under the Myall’ ceramic wall mural by local children fronting the public pool.

26. ‘River Crossing’ poem by Phillip Everett by boat ramp.

27. ‘Luci 789’ (pelican) scrap metal sculpture by Kel Connor, Singing Bridge.

28. ‘Horizon’ photo plaques at the top of the Singing Bridge by Chris Paterson.

40. ‘Storybook Images’ outside Library, by Leigh Allen, Chez Rand & David Matheson.

Hawks the beach


29. ‘Flannel Flowers’ poem by Heather Prentice.

30. ‘Corner Shop’ mural by U3A art group inside shop.

31. Surfing mural designed by Chez Rands & painted by Progress Association.

32. ‘Hawks Nest’ mosaic on community hall wall.

33. ‘Aerial View’ painting by Dallas Murphy on front of community hall.

34. 'Dingo Awareness', Hawks Nest Community Park by Sonja Ridden. Also 'Sanctuary' by Jeanette Hart, Bev Struik, Gaye McKay, Helen Fitzgerald & Sandy Flinn.

35. Mosaic BBQ by Myall Art & Craft Centre mosaic group at Jimmys Beach Park.

36. 'Beach Days' mural organised by Jen Nicholls - a community project by Council & SLSC.

37. 'Petrel Wall' a mural in steel designed by Chez Rands & wall (restored by the Tea Gardens Lions Club).

38. 'Hawks Nest Park' by U3A Art Group mural.

39. Hawks Nest Pharmacy images (external wall alcoves).


Along the way, look out for the ‘Hidden Wildlife’ paintings tucked away in tree knots, painted by Dallas Murphy, Jan Johnson-Furness & David Matheson. And find all the power poles decorated by Jeanette Hart.

Also as you drive in or out of Tea Gardens, take time to stop at the Lions Park Lookout with spectacular views over the Myall River out to the sea. Take time to view the welcome murals featuring the 'Dhunggaarr of Worimi Baray' (Pelicans of Worimi Country) by Jeanette Hart, President of the Myall River Art Walk Group (2023).

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